Terapias Para Shalom

St Matt’s Christmas 2017

Sharing Love, Peace, Hope and Joy with others

We are excited to be raising money for ‘Therapy Sessions’ for the disabled children at the Shalom Centre in the shanty town area of Lima, Peru. [Run by our CMS Link Mission partner Pat Blanchard.]  The Shalom Centre ministers to over 100 children and their families.
Peruvian staff provide physical, speech, occupational and art therapy, physiotherapy and
psychological support. Photo courtesy Pat Blanchard/ Church Mission Society”

Shalom is a welcoming and creative community that transforms lives. They know how to have fun – there is often lots of cake, laughter and singing. The church has grown from the community and they share God’s all-embracing love.

Sessions cost £2.50 and parents pay £2 if they can.

We have our very own ‘ballometer’ to collect money for therapy sessions, and there are 600 balls ready to be bought! £5 per ball = TWO therapy sessions



You can either buy ‘balls’ during Advent with money you have saved or raised! or wait until Christmas and give it all in one go.

  • Christmas ‘treats’ can be sold after our Morning Services in Advent.
  • Give the money you would spend on cards to church family and sign the joint St Matt’s Christmas Card! (Available to sign in church now!) We’ll be having a colouring competition for the cover of the Card!
  • The ‘Change’ Jar will also be available.
  • The Offerings at our Christmas Services will be going to our appeal.

Please can you make sure that you use the specific ‘Gift Aid’ envelopes to enhance the amount!

For more information, please talk to Mary Wilson.