At St Matt’s we have two main ways in which we can get to know others beyond the church services and encourage each other in our journey of faith. We would encourage you to get involved in either – or both!

Pods are groups of two to four people meeting together to develop our discipleship in relation to God, each other and the world. Flexibility is the key to how they operate. For more details about Pods and how to get involved click here.

Housegroups We have a number of house groups at St Matt’s. They vary in how often they meet, their size (between five and 15) and different emphases. Some of the groups also divide up to meet as ‘Pods’ now and then. Their common purposes are:

Getting to know others The greatest benefit is the close friendships that can develop. In housegroups, we soon discover that we are all on the same journey facing difficulties and challenges through which we can deepen our faith together.

Getting to know God In a housegroup you can ask questions, participate in discussions and hear and share thoughts with others. We need to apply God’s principles to our personal situations and housegroups can really help with this.

Giving and receiving support Housegroups provide excellent support in times of need, change, crisis or stress. A group of people who can pray with you and stand by you are invaluable.

Using your gifts God has given us all gifts and abilities that are meant to be used to benefit others. In a housegroup, we can learn and to identify and use the gifts that God has given us. It helps us to grow in our faith, be a blessing to others and build the church.

Playing our part As housegroups we can encourage each other to discover how we can play our part in the work of God’s Kingdom both at St Matt’s and in the outside world!

For more information or to join a group, contact the church office on 01892 618108 or at .