New Wine

New WineSt. Matt’s is a New Wine church. New Wine is a national inter-denominational organization that has its roots in the Church of England. Its vision is to see as many Christians and churches as possible alive with the joy of knowing and worshipping Jesus Christ, and equipped to live out and proclaim his kingdom in the love of God the Father, and the power and gifts of the Holy Spirit.

St. Matt’s feel confident in sharing their vision and values with their emphasis on worship, teaching and ministry in the power of the Holy Spirit and we are committed to seeing that vision put into practice in our own church life.

In addition to being a New Wine church “at home”, we are also active within the New Wine Movement in a number of ways.

We host the local Network for this part of Kent and East Sussex. In practice, this means organizing leader’s days and training events for their church members. We actively seek to encourage and support other churches and their leaders that are trying to implement New Wine values. If you are a church leader who would like to get involved in the local network please contact Chris Wicks.

We are also involved in the National Summer conference. The church helps run “Boulder Gang” which is part of the children’s ministry at the conference, working with those between the ages of 10 & 11. A large number of St Matt’s church members serve on team while many other Christians from across Tunbridge Wells also participate.

As a church, we regard our involvement in the conference as a part of our mission and service to the wider church.