Get Involved!

At St. Matt’s we are so grateful for our volunteers and team members. Volunteering is a great way to connect with others while contributing in a practical way to building the church, so we really encourage people to find a place in church where they can serve.

Everything we do as a church is only possible with our amazing volunteer teams, and the Bible encourages us as Christians to use our gifts and talents, and to be part of the body of Christ, serving each other in the way God made us to.

This last year of Covid has greatly reduced our volunteer teams, as some were not needed and new areas evolved. Now we need to rebuild nearly all of our teams as we move forward and restart areas of church life, or move them back into face to face activities instead of online.

There are so many different ways you could serve in church – have a look at the roles below and see where you would fit the best.

Even if you used to serve on a team and would like to go back to it, we would love you to sign up now so that we know you are willing to come back. Or maybe you want to start serving in a new area and try something different.

You can sign up below for the role you are interested in, and then we will contact you with more details and to tell you the process for applying for that role.

Thank-you for being willing to give your time!